Buster is a male 2 yr old chihuahua/whippet mix. He is my mother's dog. She has asked me to help him find a home because she adopted a German Sheppard and they're having trouble getting along (not so much Buster as the German Sheppard). Buster is a very submissive dog. He can be very timid, much like a chihuahua is. But he is smart. He knows how to sit and lay down and like to "talk". He is very loving. Always wants to be near you. Loves to cuddle. He is the perfect pet for the elderly or for a single parent. He constantly wants, and for the most part, needs attention. He is very attached to his owner. For the most part he is potty trained. He has had a couple accidents, but they're due to him not being taken out as his usual times. He can come off as very anxious when he is scared, but when he feels comfortable he jumps around and is fun to play with. He is okay with children, cats, and other small dogs. He get's along great with my small dog, and was raised around a house full of young boys. He doesn't require much grooming, and is generally a very lazy dog. I wouldn't suggest Buster to someone seeking a family dog. He's not one to enjoy a walk or a toy. He really just wants to cuddle up to you. I am wanting to give him away for free to the RIGHT person. If you feel that that is you please send me an email. I'd really like to know just a bit about you. I want this to be a good match for you. Send me an email at [email removed]